Well … I’m Engaged

It all happened on May 19th the same day of my parents 32nd wedding anniversary and my best friend from college’s 4th wedding anniversary! It was all bittersweet, to happen the same weekend that Dan graduated from his MBA program at Maryland, and the same weekend a ton of people were in town to celebrate that, they were lucky enough to celebrate our engagement!  It was a whirlwind of a weekend with lots of family in town, and friends to hang out with! I will say we both held it together then crashed sunday before going back to work! None other than 24 hours later my sister (who is in france right now) had ready spreadsheets upon spreadsheets of work done, to keep track of the million things that come with planning a wedding!  I am so glad  and happy the cat is out of the bag cause now all my friends are talking to me again!  It has been a whirlwind and a very happy time, now moving forward I am heading to beach to relax and not think about wedding stuff till we get back!  To keep you occupied here are some photos of the ring and a beautiful framed embroidered image of LOVE that my mom from Kim’s In Stitches made for us. If you look closely the word love never-ends!  I am very excited to take the trip of the lifetime with my new fiance!

one look of the ring, there are blue sapphire stones on the side for KENTUCKY!

second look – showing the sides

and one last look :)

and love is neverending!

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