Well…. Dan Graduated!

It would be a lie if I did not say it was a long two years!  Yes he finally did it he finished his MPA (opps I mean MBA).  It has been a constant laugh everyday when I see the neon teal hood for his cap and gown hanging in the closet!  Long story short the bookstore thought he said MPA not MBA so he was the ONLY one without a poop brown hood on graduation.  I do have to say his color was prettier and it was easier to spot him in the sea of brown and yellow :)  Dan started his MBA program literally the day after we started dating almost 2 years ago.  Little did we know that we would survive this MBA stint, my digital photography stint and my graphic design stint.  Officially today we can now say he has graduated, the last grade came in and the final tally was totaled, now all we need is the DIPLOMA for show.  So of course being the photographer that I am I took a few photographs.

Here is Dan readying himself and realizing that he has the wrong color hood WHOOPS!


then there was the round robin of photos …



Here is a close up look of the poop brown ( the right color hood for MBA ) and the Blue teal (the color for MPA)





Told you we wouldn’t lose him in the crowd!  Oh why couldn’t graduate programs have their own graduation then it wouldn’t last for 3 hours :)



and the moment of truth getting the diploma from the dean :)





then there was the Diploma (or should I say Testudo)  yes at large schools you don’t receive the diploma on stage so now we have a lovely turtle “Terrapin – Testudo” to frame on our wall!




well  there is the University of Maryland graduation in a nutshell! Look for tomorrow’s post of teaching my parents how to eat Maryland Crabs!

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