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Wedding Day Hair and Makeup, the little things that still need to get checked off the list!

Hair: This was an easy and very quick decision!  One of my bridesmaids (Lauren) younger sister (Michele) has done my hair for years, and was the obvious choice for my wedding day! She works out of the boutique Hair Nails and More in Floyd Knobs, IN and is amazing!  My hair on my wedding day was flawless, and Michele knew exactly what I wanted by just looking at photos! I wore a veil (borrowed from a friend and former bride) Allison, that was cathedral length and only stayed in my hair for a few photos before the ceremony and the ceremony.  I then had the veil taken out, and replaced by a clip flower (that was so not my style on the rack), but went perfect with the day and was quite subtle in my hair.  It was from Cache.

Best Advice: Michele didn’t do my trial till one week before my wedding, because that was what my hair would be like closest to my wedding day! Also one week before she did my final hair cut and highlighting, so it would be at its most healthy!

The best part of getting ready at home! Michele and Ashley came to house, and we all just hung out, laughed and chatted for 4 hours!

Gah I wish I could have these curls every day :)

Here is the barrette from Cache!

Michele showing Elizabeth (MOH) and Lauren how to take the veil out, and put it back in the best way!

The front, and a glimpse of how long the veil is it had to be carried on a hanger all day :)

Michele you made my day so wonderful! Thank you for doing my hair on my wedding day! HUGS!!!!

Makeup: I let my mom and sister do this research! It was simply easier since they were in Louisville, and I was in DC.  Mom knew that she wanted Airbrush makeup, so my sister started interviewing people in the area!  Mom had been given a great review about airbrush from her BFF. Her BFF’s daughter got married, and the mom was the first to have makeup done at 8 am, and the airbrush made her feel flawless all day, and 9pm you would of thought it had just been done. After sweating, stressing, dancing, and photos, she still felt great :)!!  So after a little research, and one bridal show they found Ashley of Perfect Complexions. Ashley is a mom of two adorable children and has her trials in her home in Louisville! So when we found her it was a perfect fit since we were getting ready at mom and dad’s house in IN. Ashley started with my mom first thing, and worked her way through the group, I was second to last.  All mom wanted was for my sunglass tan to be unnoticeable, and my chest and shoulders to be one color! Ashley worked magic, and after she was done with us, we all still looked ourselves with slightly longer eyelashes!

Z. had so much fun playing dress up with the big girls on my wedding day! Love her :)

My beautiful momma!

So there you have it my makeup and hair on my wedding day! If you are in the Southern Indiana, or Louisville, KY area I highly recommend both of these ladies for your wedding day! They made my day start off with no stress and lots of laughter!

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all photographs by Zach and Jody Gray

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