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Silverware Drawers, or all drawers in our Kitchen our SMALL!  The smallest drawers I have ever seen in a house. So our silverware drawer has been a hodpodge of messiness since we moved in, needless to say we just dealt with it. No other options! So after buying many silverware holders and none fitting, I set my sites on some pinterest and blogs to help with the solution. A DIY of sorts!

Here is the one blog that gave us the most inspiration: DIY drawer organizers

So a couple weekends ago we made the trip to home depot, the same trip for the bathroom remodel. We had the idea in our heads but we didn’t have a shopping list, oops!

Here is the process we took!

this is the before! horrible all we could find to fit were some plastic parts from Bed Bath and Beyond to hold just forks and spoons. The knives, and other forks and spoons had to fend for themselves in the mess of the drawer!

to give you an idea of how small the space is! and that our junk drawers is next :) that black space is our refrigerator.


Now the start of the project! Dan took lots of measurements and cut 4 pieces of wood from the trim we bought at home depot! (supply list at the end)

marking the centers of the strips on all sides before gluing to make sure the spacing was correct! Also sanding the ends to be as close to flush and straight helped when gluing the pieces together!

When we started gluing we did one piece at a time and let that dry before setting the next piece.  We started with the top horizontal piece, because once that was set most everything else fell in to place off of it. We did not have any wood glue, so in a pinch we used Gorilla Glue, and it has stayed put for 2 weeks so I think we are good with it!

Here is what the final product looks like!

Supply list:

Gorilla Glue — we already had this (FREE)

Tape measure

pencil for markings

hack saw — we already had this (FREE)

Cedar Board (1 x 6) — we need 4′ ($7.68 for 6′) — we paid $5 (used gift card)


Still on the Kitchen to do list:


Backsplash tile

new counter top

paint cabinets

new lighting


Do you have any DIY projects set for your weekend?



Rachel Harrod Photography - April 5, 2013 - 3:04 pm

New Silverware Drawer organizer on the blog today! You will love it especially if you have been to my house!

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