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Rebranding, the blog was on the blog last week (here)! Today I have launched my new website! Here it is…

It all started with the blog (you can read that story here). After the blog was done I tackled the website on my own! I was so thankful for the Justin and Mary “What’s Next” tour back in february, to kick start this motivation!  At that tour my quick twitter fingers helped me win a free template from Sitehouse. After emailing back and forth with the lovely Promise Tangeman, I got to pick my favorite design for free, and make it my own! To use Sitehouse you have to already be a user of Showit, if you want to know more about them please ask!  They have been my website platform from the beginning and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Anyway now that you know where everything came from back to the website! I took what the lovely Corina Nielsen Designs did for me on my blog and adapted most of the design to my website! The template I used is called, Olive, it already had some of the chevron built in, so that screamed out to me as a jumping off point for my new website! I adapted the colors to match my logo, brought in a little more chevron, to be similar to the blog, and kept the neutral tones to match the neutral background of the blog! The hardest part to this process was the photos. It is so hard to sit down with yourself and decide what makes you who you are! So sticking with the light, airy, rustic theme I dove in. I think I stuck true to myself throughout the new site!

There are some new things throughout!  I added a page just for Dexter :) Why not right! I decided to make my Contact form more in-depth, and I added a FAQ page to hopefully answer some questions upfront!


I hope you enjoy the new site as much as I do! Finally with the push of friends and family took the jump to push live today! Otherwise I might continue to tinker for the next 6 months and never push it live! So here’s to me being true to myself, and please go play around on the new site! There was a lot of LOVE put into it over the last two months! Thank you to everyone that proof read, and helped me throughout the process!


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