Maryland Wedding Photographer | DIY Invitations DONE!

Well its officially 2 months to our wedding (well i guess that is really monday)! But who’s counting days :)

The invitations are sent, they are out everyone has received them (or at least i hope), so I can finally show our hard work, planning, stressing, designing etc.!  I may if you are lucky give a more detailed version later, but for now its the finish product!  All the pieces are in Kentucky, and I can’t photograph them till late July!

Here was the inspiration board for the invitations :)

I want to thank all the worker bees in the wedding sweat shop, and everyone that helped proof read, design read, cut, stick, piece, count, lick, glue, etc. on the invitations!  We couldn’t be happier with how they turned out and how the finish product looked in the envelope! I am so so so pleased! My mom and sister might not ever do this again ;)

With the help of some great companies, we were able to get it all printed and designed the way we wanted!

EnvelopperInc  – printing house

Cards and Pockets – all the envelopes, and the folio – custom stamp for return address and rsvp

Moo – custom Monogram sticker

Envelope liner, belly band – cut and designed by MOH and MOB

Rachel Harrod Photography (bride) – design of the invitation itself

without further explanation here is the invitation :)




so excited to share the beautiful invitations for our wedding :)  I am sure some of my readers have been following the whole process!

Thanks for reading :)


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