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I actually do the work :)

I thought since I have never posted photos of me photographing today would be the day!  At the Family Session (I photographed the first of the month) on the blog yesterday. My Fiance tagged along, so I had him grab a couple photos of me photographing and working on my phone during the session!  I think he did an alright job with what he had to work with!

Asa’s daddy had their tractor pulled out in the yard with the trailer on the back!  Yeah John Deere green :)  So I thought a perfect spot to have Asa sit and put on his best smile!  The image on the right was taken left after I grabbed a test shot to see how the sun was!  The image on the right is me in action :) Asa was so well behaved and so hilarious as he said Chees Y doodle every time I took a photo!  So fun and so relaxed, and just look at that back yard!  I photographed the whole session with my 28-70 mm on my Nikon D700 body.  I brought the rest of my gear but decided to just stick to one lens!  Why switch things up when Asa was happy just the way things were!  When going to Family Session’s I try to be as laid back and personable as possible, because I want the family to be the same way!  I decided to wear jeans and a t-shirt with my chacos (sandals I live by) to be as comfortable running around the back yard as possible!

Here is the final image of what I was photographing in the right image above :)

I think overall the session went wonderful, and the family is very happy with their photos!



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