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It is going to be a long long week!

I am a Kentucky Fan born and bred! Raise in a Kentucky in a blue household, my dad is from Frankfort, KY and my mom was raised in the BLUE!  We like to say the Big Blue Nation!

This week is a culmination of everything we were raised for everyone in Kentucky was raised to pick the color Red of Blue, it is the true bragging rights of basketball forever! In the State of Kentucky you pick one or the other that is how you are raised that is how you raise your children, your grandchildren and their children. It is an allegiance, and you stick by it thorough the good times, and the bad times no matter what! That up bringing can bring out the bad in some and the good in others. My “bad” is that I do not own any of the other color, I was raised to dis-like the color red, only love the color blue!  It has been hard to like any color, and if you look at me today my photography brand has been built around that color “Kentucky Blue” and my wedding is being built around the color “Kentucky Blue”.  It could be called a sickness by some, but by others (in the state of Kentucky) it is not a sickness.  It is a love of sport, team and allegiance to one or the other!

So this week in the State of Kentucky is being called a Civil War!  It is the Battle of the Bluegrass!  The basketball game of the ages, whatever you want to call it is the heart of basketball and the FINAL FOUR of March Madness! This is the March Madness Final Four game the media wanted, that is why they built the bracket the way they did, and now they have it!  Every newspaper in the state of Kentucky is asking who you are siding with UK or UL, Big East or SEC, and what they don’t realize is this is not a decision you made over night, you are not a band wagon fan, you were RAISED this way!

So whether you are a UK  or UL fan, Big East or SEC, or you just want someone to win cause you have the money on the game, and your bracket hasn’t busted, CHEER loudly for whomever!

It is going to be a long week, but at 6:09 pm on Saturday March 31st it is going to be a silent/loud as can be in the state of Kentucky as there is only 75 miles separating the 2 schools, and lots of neighbors cheering for different teams.  There are houses divided between the two schools and many whom will hunker down in their same lucky shirt, couch, bag of chips, etc.  to watch this game.  Please please please if you know any of these people do not bother them till 9pm on March 31st and if their team lost give them a week before you mention anything about the game! This game means a lot to the whole state!  It is the superbowl, stanley cup, world series, national championship of our state! Let us have it and let us enjoy, and oh BE NICE!


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