Maryland Wedding Photographer | Lazy Monday Morning

This weekend was a crazy whirlwind of a Flogging Molly Concert, Boy’s Night out, and the Oscars!

With all this busy-ness we took yesterday afternoon, pre-oscars to clean the house that was being neglected, and get outside!

The weather was gorgeously deceiving, meaning it was cold but oh did it look 80 degrees out!  So after our house cleaning extravaganza (I love you honey) we got outside. We took the Frisbee walked down the hill to the local park, played, threw, and ran around with the Frisbee wishing we had a puppy dog every minute of the way!

After we wore ourselves out we took a long 1.5 mile walk home!  The gorgeous blue sky flanked by the bare trees, made me realize it was still winter, but thinking and wishing it was already late spring!

After our extremely active/productive Sunday afternoon we curled into the couch to take in the Oscars.  Congratulations to “the Artist”, and all the other winners!

Did you all think it was a great night for the Oscars?  I would love to hear your take  on the night :) Who was best dressed?  Gweneth Paltrow?

Here are some photos from our walk!



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