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It’s a Monday!  I started the morning off great with the pup, then I left my coffee in the freezer at home :( I love my morning coffee from my coffee maker, I dislike Starbucks coffee :(

To make my Monday better I pulled up photos from the weekend with the pup!

the Fiance went off to Pittsburgh for the weekend for his bachelor party, and got to see the Stanley Cup, and go to the NHL 1st round draft (JEALOUS)!

Dexter and I had a weekend in the sun and taking copious naps!

I got dexter a baby pool, not knowing what he would do or if he would even like it! HE LOVED IT!!!!!!  He played with the hose, splashed around, laid in the water, played in the dirt, came back to rinse off, and just had plain ole good fun!!!!

It has been super hot outside so teaching him that he needs to cool off and be in the water or shade to have a normal body temperature has been fun!  He also had a great weekend of being a butthead while dad was gone!  We also took a lot of naps, and cuddled! It was a great quiet weekend even though I am super jealous of the Stanley cup sighting!


Dexter loved his pool

I got a great tan

the tomatoes are growing like crazy


the Fiance was gone for the weekend, but had a SUPER fun weekend with the boys

the house did not get clean

dexter needs his toenails cut and baby teeth gone – biting and scratching hurts

Hope everyone has a better start to their week and didn’t leave their coffee at home this morning!

Happy Monday!


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