Maryland Wedding Photographer | Dexter 4 Months Old

Today Dexter is 4 months old!  I feel like just yesterday we decided to get him!  My mom and sister drove to London, KY to pick him up and we prepared our home for him!

We found out we were getting him before Easter,  we flew home with him on the plane right after Easter, and survived our first week of biting, potty training, crate torture, and cuddling!  Then all of the sudden he started turning into a PUPPY or himself I might add, and growing up way to fast!  He started learning the difference between dad yelling at him and dad yelling at the tv, for the caps games, and he made coming home from work so much better :)   It has been real fun to watch him learn so much so fast!  He loves his ice, and sticks, oh and anything he can find in the yard to put in him mouth! He has become official resident of Montgomery county Maryland, and has made toys paraplegic.  He has overnights with gramma and grandpa, and probably had more fun than with us sometimes ;)  It has been so fun documenting his life, from 5 weeks old, and I can not believe he is already 4 months old and still growing! This month we are learning to NOT bite and NOT jump.  It is hard to yell in his cute little face, but it is so necessary, to stop the bite bruises and scratches on my arms.  Gotta keep them in tip top shape for the wedding day! Since he is 4 months old today I thought why not share a ton of Dexter photos :) If you follow me on Instagram (Rahphotog) you will see most of my dexter life :)

Here are some videos of Dexter :)

roly poly puppy:

being a real big help:

you can search my vimeo channel for the rest: User Rachel Harrod

He has a fun couple months ahead of him! July will be normal hot month, but mommy is travelling away from him a couple weekends, then August is wedding time! Trip to Louisville, and a long month stay with mimi and grandpa there! He is bound to have a ton of fun, but we will miss him everyday!


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