Maryland Wedding Photographer | Being a Bride

This weekend I get to be a bride, and a photographer!

OkOk Don’t get excited its not my wedding (yet)!  I am heading home to Kentucky!!!!  I have much to do, and all of it relates to the wedding! I think my Maid of Honor (sister/wedding planner) has a long list of things to be checked off  ;)

1. Dress Fitting

2. pick a first dance song  – see link below! This is what we told her it would be ;)

Die Prinzen – Mann im mood

3. tables for the reception

4. talk with mom about the service (practically done ;)

5. relax ( i think this is on her list)

6. eat lots of delicious food!

To make the weekend even better I get to open presents at my bridal shower, see a ton of family and family friends, and hang out with 2 of my bridesmaids!  YIPPEEE!!!

Dan’s list of to-dos this weekend on the Harrod house honey do/get it done before the wedding, is hang out with dad and think about doing Deck Skirting! ;)

To finish the weekend off I get to do a Family portrait session with a friend from high school!  I am very excited to re-connect and take some beautiful photos of her little family! Through in some fun kid stuff here too :)

All in all I am really look forward to a great weekend! Now if the storm that is heading straight for the DC/Baltimore area will just hold off till our plane takes off that would be awesome!

sad we aren’t bringing dexter with us, hope he won’t be to mad on monday! think he will have a great time having a puppy party in rockville for the weekend!

Happy Friday


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