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Just sharing some more puppy love on the Monday Blog!  All in hopes to bring everyone’s Monday to a little happier place :)

The pup is learning a lot!

1. playing by himself!

2. He loves his new bed :)

3. He eats everything outside

4. He is way to sweet to stay mad too long (even when he chomps down on the ankle)

5. He is starting to enjoy his walks once you get him out the front door

6. He kinda looks like a Meercat when he perches up on your legs

7. He went to his 2nd vet visit first at the forever vet, more shots, but lots of cute-ness awing!

8.  We put up the new tent and let him play, hoping for very many camping trips in the future

9.  He helps cheer on the CAPS

10. Love to get as close to his dad when he is working on his computer!  Such a helper :)

Highs and Lows from the weekend!

Highs:  So many house chores done!  Beautiful weather!  Very good puppy!  Exhausted puppy!  New Clients!

Lows: Mower is broken! exhausted! puppy had to get shots!

Happy Monday!


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