Maryland Crab Dinner

So Dan graduated, we got engaged, and he wanted CRABS for dinner!  When he says that he means maryland crabs dumped on the table diving in up to the elbows in Old Bay and fresh Maryland blue crabs!

This was my parents first experience, they had a lot of learning, and mom wore a WHITE shirt :)  Lets just say there was crab juice splattered, dozens of crabs eaten, red wine spilled, sippy cups involved (thanks allison), and of course lots of laughter!



If you have never had Maryland blue crab they are delicious, and cooked their own special way.  They are steamed by the masses, and doused in Old Bay.  You dive in up to your elbows in crabs and use a hammer, knife, fingers, etc. to eat the crab!  It is quite a messy experience, but DELICIOUS!


Mom learning the art of crab eating whilst the stem wine cup still in tack (hence the mentioning of sippy cup earlier), thanks Ryan for taking one for the team :)




Dad proving that he has gotten the hang of it “slightly” learning the art of getting all the delicious white meat out of the body!



we got to spend this great dinner with wonderful friends, family, beer, crabs and wine :)




all on the beautiful river in annapolis, you could you not ask for a better crab eating evening!


I could not have asked for a better engagement, graduation, crab, partying weekend! Next up on the blog the grad party :)

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