Kentucky Derby Hats

If you should know one thing about the Kentucky Derby its the HATS! You are not allowed to even step foot in the grandstand without a HAT (well at least that is the unwritten rule).  As a lady from Kentucky, its takes a lot of preparation for that right hat and the dress you will be wearing to the Derby.  So start with the dress and then match the hat, or vice versa.  I recommend (or should I say my mom recommends the 1st route).  You can also wear the same hat every year, and just redo the adorning large flower and bow every year to match the sparkling color of your dress. Well without further description here are some options!  Let me just say I think we out do the Brits with their fascinators :)

You could go completely off the wall with this type of hat!

you can see more at Stilletos Sports Magazine

Then you could go with the un-decorated hats (to then decorate with your own ideas or DIY at home)

these hats can be purchased at DEES Crafts in Louisville, KY on shelbyville road.

then obviously you could go for the big bucks and purchase one of these decorated versions! DEES does a beautiful job, and if you are not handy with a glue gun like me then I might have to go this route, but be prepared your HAT will be the most expensive thing you are wearing!

Lastly here are a couple videos provided by DEES on youtube on how to DIY your own hat!  Good luck all you derby goers!

Part 1 of DIYing


Part 2 of DIYing

Stay tuned for what might be in store tomorrow!

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