House Changes | Painting Front Door II

House Changes started a couple weeks ago when we started with the front door! We picked the color “Southern Blue” by Behr in Semi Gloss Exterior Enamel paint!  We only needed part of 1 quart for the front door because we used the test paint pot for the primer! I also decided to use the paint brush to cut around the already taped edges, and the foam roller to roll the rest of the door! Using the foam roller leaves a very nice finish across the door and you really only need one final coat with some small brush touch ups in the creases! We are really in love with the final color that we decided to paint the back door as well!

Dan started the back door priming with the last of the test paint pot, and I finished the final coat on the door with the roller and brush just as we did with the front door! Overall some pretty crappy white beat up metal doors were turned around for a total of $20! Not bad considering we had a gift card with about $6 of that on it! WOOT WOOT saving money while making the house better :)


Paint Pot Sample: $3.12

1 quart of Southern Blue (Behr Semi Gloss Enamel Exterior) paint: $12.69

1 foam roller with handle: $6

Brush for Painting: Free

Paint tray and Newspaper: Free

And Then there is this, Exterior House To-Do List:

paint front door and back door

hang a new storm door

put up a new mail box

beef up the house numbers

pressure wash whole house

fresh coat of white paint or other complementary color over the white trim around the house

 the GARDEN:

grass bushes (mosquito repellents) to flank the doors

cut back the hydrangeas to a normal size

get rid of the last big bush

mulch regularly

and beef up the gutter system to drain better) *this has started with new splash blocks*

house changes
House Changes
House Changes

Raphoto - July 23, 2013 - 9:17 am

Thank you so much Krista! I had to stare at it for a week before I could take the plunge :) Now I am ready to get the rest of the outside of the house cleaned up :)

Krista A. Jones - July 23, 2013 - 9:12 am

This is such a fun color Rachel!! It’s amazing how little things like paint make such a big difference!

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