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Homemade Coasters were the labor of love for some Christmas gifts this past Christmas!  Pinterest can be super overwhelming for many things, but when it comes to gifts it becomes slightly helpful! When Dan and I were preparing all our Christmas gifts we thought we should add in something a little homemade, so I went to the trusty pinterest “gift” page of mine and found these! 


The tutorial I ended up using was a compilation of a couple I found on pinterest, here is a link to one of them from Blueprint Crafts.

A couple things we changed, instead of scrapbook paper we used magazines, looking for some gorgeous images that would work in a 4×4  square on the tile. I also decided I would make my own mod-podge instead of buying the $10 bottle of mod-podge.  Here is the link to DIY mod-podge.

The basic Recipe: (just remember 50/50 glue and water)

DIY Mod Podge Recipe:
1/2 Water
1/2 White School Glue
Empty Bottle/Jar

Lastly the only thing I would change from the tutorial is I would buy non-glossy tiles.  The gloss of the tiles we purchased made the magazine paper slide a bit, which just meant we had to be extra careful when placing and mod-podging.

and here are some images of our supplies and finished tiles!

Homemade coasters


Utility knife

4×4 tiles – 16 cents at your local hardware store

foam brushes

felt bumpers

homemade mod-podge

clear coat spray paint

Homemade coasters

Homemade coasters

Homemade coasters



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