Happy 2nd Birthday Dexter

Happy 2nd Birthday Dexter!  Cookies kisses and cuddles for you all day!

Dexter has been the light of our life for the last two years! It’s hard to believe he was one very little sick puppy when we got him 2 years ago!

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday

He developed in to quite the loving needing to be in our space at all times, funny little pup!  He makes the best noises when wants things, he talks about the squirrels and cats outside, and he wants to play with his ball at all times! He also LOVES very much to go hiking and swimming on the Northwest Branch Trail! We can’t wait for it to warm up so we can get back out there!

So happy happy birthday bud!

Happy Birthday

and here are some old videos if you need to kill more time!

Dexter talking and mad because we won’t let him chew on the blanket from rachel harrod on Vimeo.

Dexter in the pool with his ball from rachel harrod on Vimeo.

Dex no likey the Mc Fish! from rachel harrod on Vimeo.

playing in the tub from rachel harrod on Vimeo.

IMG 3243 from rachel harrod on Vimeo.


[…] Dexter and Finnagan the August 2014 edition with my nice camera!  Dan has been mentioning to me almost every day that I need to get the dogs back in front of my nice camera good lenses, and not just cell phone photos. I try to make this happen often but just forget. So I did yesterday playtime, balls, and lots of running (barely listening), but got some good ones that I think bring out their personalities to a “T.” […]

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