Dreaming | It’s been one of those weeks!

Dreaming! Isn’t that something we all love to do! Well this week I have been dreaming!

Last week for “Throwback Thursday” a friend posted an old photo of our Charleston, SC days! Which triggered nostalgia, old memories, and the start of my day-dreaming!

Yes Yes, that is me on the right, and my two roommates from 2006-2007 on the left, and yes we are standing on the roof of  a house overlooking the marsh in Charleston, SC! I lived there for 2.5 years building houses for Habitat for Humanity as an Americorps member, and Charleston became (in those 2.5 years) one of my most favorite places EVER!!! If I could dream of living of the west coast in the “slow life” that it is, I would think it was Charleston, SC!  No one is ever in a hurry! One day, maybe just one day I will live back there again! Oh to be a wedding photographer in Charleston! Just look at these sunsets! Yes again that is me :)

At least I get to go back soon for a short visit, visits are never long enough! I also get to show Dan how beautiful, delicious the food is, and how GREAT Charleston, SC is! I can’t wait!

I have also been dreaming of the house, that one day yes one day maybe we will build!

No it doesn’t have to be stone (ok maybe part of it), but yes it does need a large porch for me to sit on, and enjoy the outdoors!  As we talk about improvements to make on our current house, I think about how awesome it would be to just build, and we would get to make all those things the way we would want them! One day yes One day we will build a house!

So this week I have been dreaming, thinking about the future, if I could fulfill my dreams where would they be and what would they be! It takes a lot living in the crazy city that is Washington, DC to sit back away from the hustle and bustle, turn off the noise, enjoy the peace of a backyard, and dream!

Have you been dreaming, where would you live forever? Dream!

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