Dexter | Photos by husband | Dan

Dexter photos taken by Dan!  I gave Dan my camera a couple weeks ago, when I thought I might use him in a pinch as my back up photographer! Told him to take the camera, and go out and photograph Dexter! Figured if he could focus on Dexter he could focus on a bride a groom :) I gave him a very quick down and dirty tutorial! Manual mode, focus, how to read the aperture and f-stop, and to not use flash! You will see in the photos below that some back focusing happened (ok dogs are a hard subject), that the focal point affected the exposure (he kept forgetting to change manually based on his focal point), but overall I think he did mighty well! Maybe I will let him play with my real camera more often and not just the backup! We all have to start somewhere, and he is a good sherpa already, so why not start him on the camera, baby steps!

Here are his photos! He took all of them, I just uploaded them on the computer for saving and blogging!

Ginger Woolford - June 24, 2013 - 3:28 pm

Great job Dan Gilfrich. Love the very first pic….the expression on Dexter’s face!

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