Color Run | My first 5K

The Color Run!  This will be my first 5K.  I was excited when we signed up, because it looks like so much fun, now after 4 weeks into training well… I would say my brain is getting to me, and this running stuff is for the birds!  I set a goal and I am not going to quit (its on the internet now, I can’t :)).

Anyway if you don’t know much about the Color Run go check it out! We will be running the one in Washington, DC in about a month! YIKES a month! Good thing we are halfway through our training! This run is all about get out there and get moving! You start the run nice and clean, and end the run the color of the rainbow! I am interested, intrigued, and really excited about the aspect of this run!  Here are a couple more photos (via the color run site) and a video to show you a little about it!

this video makes me a little more excited about running :)

Now on to the training!

We have been working our way through a Couch 2 5K training program!


The best thing about this app is that is talks to you!  I wanted something we could use for time, but not watch the time!  So we start this when we walk out the front door and put it in our pocket with the sound on, and just wait (for the nice lady) to yell at us to run or walk!  It is an 8 week program and we run every other day! We should finish the program a week before the run so we have about 4 days to practice over and over a full 5K!

In conjunction with that app we are also running a GPS app to track how far we are going, and our pace! We use  Map My Run for this, as it seemed to be the best option that would run in the background with no problems. 

Top image: my profile online I can see all we have done, and if our pace is getting better or worse

Bottom image: what the app looks like on the phone!  Every time you start a run you press record and if it is a run or walk, and when you are finished you just press stop! This records the path at which you were on, your pace and 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 if you run that far, and your splits!

So these two things have helped Dan and I work toward our goal of running, and finishing the Color run on May 19th!  Here’s hoping! We are excited to be running with friends and family on our team “Butt Sweat and Beers.” Dan came up with this team name quickly!  We have 10 people on our team, and are so lucky we got in on the VIP early sign up list, as Washington, DC sells out within 24 hours!

  Look forward to sharing some colorful photos after the run! Make sure you follow the Color Run on facebook, you might see our faces there after the run!

and just because dex was helping me write this blog I had to share a photo of how it worked!

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