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Bathroom Renovation | Floor Tile Adventure

Bathroom Renovation is still happening the blog is about a month behind the actual bathroom. So this happened around the end of June when the pups were at their camp mimi time in Indiana. Along with this floor tile addition I promised I would show you the finished angled ceiling and the window wrap installation. […]

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Bathroom Renovation Tiling

Bathroom Renovation something you haven’t seen a blog about in a while.  We have been busy teaching ourselves how to tile, and enjoy our two dogs, family, and traveling to weddings. It took us about 1 full month to complete if you look at the actual time we spent on it. I will break this […]

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Drywall our fourth child

Drywall I feel like you have taken over our lives.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of time it takes to hang mud sand mud again measure etc. a partly angled bathroom ceiling with new robust insulation. If you read my post on flooring then you know that we dove all in on MLK day weekend […]

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Bathroom Renovation Flooring

The bathroom has been completely closed back in. The drywall and flooring are in and we are back to a normal state.  We have come a long way, but we still have a very long way to go. The  Flooring has been down since President’s day! We went all in on the weekend and seriously […]

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Bathroom Renovation Plumbing Part 2

Bathroom renovation plumbing part 2 is overdue. We have realized as we got into this renovation, that it was better to not rush through it, and easier to take our time, make the right decisions, think about things 12 times over, and enjoy the process. We both work full time so our renovation time is […]

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