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Bye Bye Google Reader, the shock I had when I read this from a photography friend in her blog, (thanks Ali).  I have Google Reader on my desktop and my IPAD!  I know some think it is silly because you can not see the pretty interfaces of the blogs you are reading, but when I read the same 20 blogs daily Reader is SO helpful! So after reading Ali’s blog and reading the blog she referenced from her designer GOOD BYE GOOGLE READER, I of course started investigating new ways of having this in my life :)

So I started with my IPAD! I searched on the app store for anything that looked wonderful, easy to use, great interface, ability to still go to the blog if I wanted to, and a plus if it would sync with my Google Reader and pull in all the stuff I was already reading! I found Blogshelf II, and immediately I fell in love!  If you already use google reader it will pull in all the blogs you want to continue reading, and with just a couple words will find the others you want. You can search by photographers names, blog names, or URL’s. I love how it looks like books on a shelf, and the screen saver pulls in gorgeous shots of all the blogs I am following with credit! I am quite please and believe it or not enjoy it much more than the clunky google reader I was using on the IPAD!

OLD Google Reader

google reader


New Bloglife II

bloglife ii


and the screensaver!

bloglife ii


Next lets talk about my new options for my Desktop!  I started with Ali’s request of THE OLD READER signed up started loading my blogs, but was slightly disappointed how I could not import what I was reading on Google Reader.  So I read up on the designers blog, and saw something called Feedly.  I like the gorgeous-ness of the site, the layout, etc. but I didn’t like the ease of use, maybe because it is built with Google Reader backing.  So I went back to The Old Reader!  Yes I couldn’t import the original stuff I was reading but it was kind of like Spring Cleaning for me to start over and reassess what I am really reading and what I just mark as read everyday!  So here is what it looks like with some instructions thrown in!

If you don’t know Google Reader here is what the interface looks like so you know what I am going from!

Here is the look of The Old Reader (don’t you just love the name) when you open it! All your blogs are listed on the left, showing you how many of each one you haven’t read!

the old reader

Here is what a post looks like!

the old reader


Now to show you how to get all these blogs in your Reader!  Each blog has an RSS feed some in different ways.  For instance mine is (i don’t have an RSS link) by inputing that in the spot that says add subscription you get your new feed in your reader! Some blog have links, place to click to get these links, all which overall makes it easier for input. So follow along!

3  ways I found you could pick up RSS feed all circled in RED!

rss feed

the one above is found at the top of the blog in the right rail with the ads!

the one below was at the very bottom of their blog!

rss feed


this one was under the SUBSCRIBE button at the very top of the blog!

rss feed


all linked to this type of page where I would copy the URL and put in the add a subscription space!

So that’s it!  What do you think? Will you be switching to something new? Are you happy with what you have found?

You have till July 1st so plenty of time to find something you LOVE!!!!  Happy reading!

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