Building a Wall | Bathroom Reno Chapter 4

Building a wall takes me back to Habitat like it was yesterday, and it was so fun to show Dan how much I actually knew!  I think I actually taught him a thing or two!  If you missed the first 2 parts of our renovation you can go Here and Here!

We knew we had to start with this after we gutted out the entire bathroom, to eventually close in the bedroom for guest while the bath is still under renovation!  Here is a quick view of where the new wall went in!

building a wall

With the decision finally of where the new wall will go we started with measure 12 times cut only once!  The new wall measurement was 52″ corner to corner!  After figuring out where the corners would be (inside or outside; thank goodness for my visual brain), somethings needed to be fixed and tweaked before the building could start!  The slope wall in the bedroom needed to be “furred” out to act as the nailer for the new wall!

Step 1, building that out with a second stud, and a few pieces of plywood!

Step 2, realizing that taking down the ceiling drywall must happen, it was GROSS and in our way!

Step 3, realizing that we now were going to have to replace the insulation in the ceiling because it was infested with OLD mouse remains, and rotting from age!

Step 4, cleaning up this entire mess to now put in the NEW WALL!!!

Lets just say lessons are being learned!  We take about 1 big step forward, then 5 – 6 steps backwards!  This is what you get when you renovate a 60 year old house!!!! Below you can see the “furred” out corner on the slope wall, the ceiling coming down and our attempt at holding the insulation up until we are ready to replace!

building a wall
building a wall

Step 5, you can see above right!  After many measurements the already rotting 2 by boards on the floor need to be taking up for the wall to fit properly, level, and secure in the room!  So we removed enough boards to fit the wall in!  We will in turn replace with new boards around the new wall! We were adamant about a plump tight, and proper wall! So with an old house we adapted to it!

Step 6, we were finally ready to build and install the new wall!  In the top photo above you can see I measured the top and bottom boards for stud placement!  Studs go on center every 16″ (or the red marks on your tape measure :))! Then if you are looking at the wall from the bathroom side we put 2 studs together on the left side for a nailer to make a nice corner!  On the right side we only had one stud, which worked because of all the pre-work we did to fur out the slope wall corner! We used 2 1/2 inch screws to put the wall together!  We were working with new and old boards, and in an attempt to not split the boards we thought screws would be best! They worked great also for mistake sake, ease of removing anything was a huge plus! Once we had the wall ready it was time to stand in place and plumb up to the other walls!

buliding a wall

Step 7, the last one for now!  We needed to stand the wall in place, plumb, and screw into place! Doing all the pre-work, really paid off!  Once in the opening we made sure it was flush and plumb with the corners and screwed into place!  We also screwed the top and bottom to the trusses in the ceiling and floor!  Another step checked off the list :) Moving on to more electric and venting!  Coming soon!

building a wall
building a wall

building a wall

and here is the inevitable to-do list!

TO DO LIST! *I love crossing things off it makes me feel so accomplished!*

Check for room in the ceiling for Air Duct

Move/pickup all things upstairs and prep for demo

Take out all things that are donate-able (i.e towel racks, toilet paper holder, etc)

Take all donate-ables to Habitat Restore

Turn off water to sink and toilet let drain for a couple days

Remove Sink and Toilet for safe keeping (keeping toilet, getting new sink)

Demolition — take down drywall, take up vinyl tile, cut carpet in bedroom at spot for new walls

Remove studs in the between wall properly to save for new wall

Buy new Sink (pedestal we are thinking) Habitat Restore steal!

buy/pick out shower base, shower doors, shower fixtures

Build New wall

Rough in New Plumbing for toilet and Shower

Move electric box from shower wall to bedroom wall

Rough in electric (I promise mom you will get to dry your hair in the bathroom)

Build/Install Pocket Door

Lay sub floor

Lay Backer board

Install new duct work in ceiling

Install Backboard on the wall where we will put tile

Hang new drywall — we will be taking all the drywall down and starting over!

Pick out and install new tile on the wall (purchasing from Habitat Restore)

Pick out and install new floor tile (purchasing from Habitat Restore)

Install Shower Base, toilet and new pedestal sink

pick out new light fixtures

Install final plumbing fixtures

Pick paint colors

Final Painting

Seal Grout

Install Exhaust fan


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