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Bathroom Renovation Trim Work, I have had this one ready for a month ish but completely forgot to re-read and post! So here you go, Trim work.

We went with a PVC made trim for our upstairs bathroom, we have so much mildew and “mold” in our downstairs that we tried to research a lot of products to find what would hold up best over time. Here is the product on Home Depot’s site — PVC moulding.  I will leave up to you to find what best fits in your home, but we used the basic widow trim and baseboard along with a pre-made pocket door jamb kit to finish out the bathroom.  The same day we did the trim work we also fit in the bead board. Also purchased from the DEPOT — here.

Now on to some basic trim work.

Jamb Kit — It was pre-made and made by the same company we bought the door kit from, so we purchased knowing it would fit with minimal cuts. Measured the two sides nailed with finish nails, and then put the tops in.  Pretty straight forward and comes with directions. Sorry for the lack of photos on the jamb it went so fast I forgot to take photos.

bathroom renovation

Trimming out the window and door — We decided to go with a picture frame look.  We would measure short corner to short corner and then use our speed to make the 45 degree angle.  I would say this wasn’t the most perfect option, but with our definitely out of square house we decided to make the window square and not go with the random angles that our house is. We knew caulk would do magic and give it the top notch finish look.  Dexter was a huge help when it came to measuring angles :)  After measuring we used the jigsaw with a brand new fine tooth blade to cut quickly not leaving any shards behind. If the blade was too rough it we would need to clean the edges with sandpaper.  Lastly after making sure our cuts were as close as we could get them in an un-square house, we nailed them in by hand with finish nails. All this was the same with the door on the other side of the room.

bathroom renovation
bathroom renovation
bathroom renovation
bathroom renovation
bathroom renovation

BeadBoard Installation — This was about the easiest thing we have done in the whole project next to painting. We watched a good ole “This Old House” by Norm video quickly and then right to installation. The biggest thing Norm warned us about was cutting on the actual bead. If you do so the bead will MOST DEFINITELY split (not that we would make that mistake).  The other key thing we did because we will have baseboard at the bottom was shim up from the bottom making the top edge level for trim work and a good looking finish. Using our brand NEW finish nail gun  from Home Depot, we put two nails in the tippy top and two nails in the very bottom with Liquid Nails on the back to adhere to the wall.  We also cut the board with our super fine blade with our jigsaw, again if you don’t use a brand new super fine blade then you will get splinters.  Our cuts around the pipes outlets etc were not great by any stretch but we just made sure we knew what would be covered and tried to keep our jagged edges under that.


Baseboard and Nail hole puttying were the last two things that had to happen before painting. The baseboard is the same PVC material and we used our skill saw on a 45 degree angle to make the inside and outside corners. Filling the nail holes we chose Elmer’s Carpenters color change wood filler to fill the 1 million (said in an austin powers voice) holes all over the wall. It worked quite nicely but did need a second round and a tiny bit of sanding.


You can also see in the bottom left photo that we chose more PVC to trim out the top of the beadboard and one outside corner of the wall.

bathroom renovation

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the BIG OLE to-do list!

You can see the longer list here I deleted a lot because it was just getting unruly:

buy/pick out shower base, shower door (has been installed), shower fixtures

Pick out and install new tile on the wall — we have purchased all of this!

Pick out and install new floor tile (purchasing from Habitat Restore) — we have picked it out, no purchases yet

install toilet – this is all done blogging soon

Install vanity and sink – coming to the blog soon

pick out new light fixtures – this is all done blogging soon

install light fixtures – this is all done blogging soon

install mirror and towel racks (pick out towel racks)

Install final plumbing fixtures – this is all done blogging soon

Pick paint colors – this is done blogging soon

Final Painting – this is all done blogging soon

Trim work

install beadboard 

paint beadboard 

Seal Grout


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