Bathroom Renovation | Shower Finished

Bathroom Renovation, THE SHOWER IS FINISHED part of the series. This post will be all about the final touches that helped us call the shower finished!

Grout (on the walls, and floor)

Caulking the tile with silcone colored caulk

sealing the tile

installing the final shower fixtures

So let’s start with Grout.

We purchased Non-Sanded grout for the walls in the color Delorean Gray, this was suggested on the box based on the size of grout lines and spacing we left on our tiles. Since we left no gap and the tiles butt up to each other non-sanded was the choice. To make things even more easy we followed the directions very closely to the box, mixing just like mortar and then spreading on the tile with a grout float.  You can see me doing that in the below photos. After I think a 5 minute set (the box says the time), dan came behind me with the sponge and very little water to wipe the tile as clean as possible. Then walk away and let dry completely before total clean up with a cheese cloth.

Here are the supplies we purchased for grout:

Grout Float

Non-Sanded Delorean Grey

flat rectangle trowel no grooves – already had this

mixer – already had this

big orange bucket – already had this

sponge – already had this

bathroom renovation
bathroom renovation

We then moved straight to the floor but a different color, let’s just my skin was stained quite odd colors by the time this was done. We used Sanded Grout this time around, our spacing was 1/8 in and again this was what is suggested on the box, so we didn’t question. We used the color that was also suggested to go with the tile on the sample in the store “Tobacco Brown”.  The floor was a little bit more of a challenge than the walls, because we had a lot more mortar to clean out of the cracks than the walls (stupid 1/8 inch gap). All done and looks GORGEOUS, I couldn’t love the floor more! Same process as above, I worked about 5 minutes ahead of Dan wiping with water and the cheesecloth cleaning later.

bathroom renovation

After about a day and a half of drying we sealed everything.  We purchased this sealer (Aqua Mix Sealer), using a clean cloth we wiped this on every single little grout line on the shower walls and the tile floor. Took much longer than I ever expected but we are SEALED!!!!! Sorry no photos we totally forgot to snap one.

On to the next step of sealant. Caulking. We want to make sure we have an extremely water tight bathroom that won’t show mildew and age as fast as the normal stock bathroom. So our decision to go with grey caulk grey grout and a dark floor all will help in this problem over time. So with Silcone Caulk grey for the walls, clear silicone caulk around the base overlayed with grey and white surrounding the window we should be good to go for a good long while.

bathroom renovation

We got all of this done before my parents returned the pups and came for the long 4th of July weekend. So dad jumped in on some of the job and helped drill and set pilot holes for the rail that holds the hose and sprayer to go along with the rain shower head. I think they did a good job!

bathroom renovation

A 180 view of shower head to window and base view of everything grouted caulked sealed and read for fixtures.

bathroom renovation

I think the pups approve of the new tile floors!

bathroom renovation

I try to be the best assistant ever when dan is wrapping plumping tape for our fixtures. I just hold it steady while he wraps the tape. Key part of this is to get the tape to go the same way you will turn the threads in the plumbing.

bathroom renovation

FINAL installation of the fixtures a few other pieces needed to attach but we have some paint and caulk touch ups before doing so! Promise to get a gorgeous view with my nice camera for you when it is cleaned and finished!

bathroom renovation

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the BIG OLE to-do list!

You can see the longer list here I deleted a lot because it was just getting unruly:

buy/pick out shower base, shower door (has been ordered), shower fixtures

Pick out and install new tile on the wall — we have purchased all of this!

Pick out and install new floor tile (purchasing from Habitat Restore) — we have picked it out, no purchases yet

install toilet

Install vanity and sink – coming to the blog soon

pick out new light fixtures – this is all done blogging soon

install light fixtures

install mirror and towel racks (pick out towel racks)

Install final plumbing fixtures

Pick paint colors – this is done blogging soon

Final Painting

Trim work – baseboard, doors and window (this is all done blogging soon)

install beadboard – this is all done blogging soon

paint beadboard – this is all done blogging soon

Seal Grout

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