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Bathroom Renovation is still happening the blog is about a month behind the actual bathroom. So this happened around the end of June when the pups were at their camp mimi time in Indiana.

Along with this floor tile addition I promised I would show you the finished angled ceiling and the window wrap installation. So away we go!

The angled ceiling of the cape cod posed some challenges but the Tile Cutter we purchased (see reference here) worked like a charm and cut the angles spot on. It really wasn’t as hard and intimidating as we thought it would be, there were many harder parts, and fixes ahead that were much more trying.

bathroom renovation

After high five and Woot Wooting our celebrations were short lived as we turned around to the window.  We stared hemmed and hawwed over what to do and after staring at trim and sealer in home depot we decided on PVC Molding.  They have a large line of molding and there are many many variations of sizes directions and it would be best if you just went to home depot and stared yourself for your specific needs. In short we used a sill, 3 outside corner pieces that were about 1.5 inches deep and a 2 inch by .25 inch flat trim piece to fill in the sides and top where the corner wasn’t covering. We did not nail any of it, Dan decided to use liquid nails instead, and 2 months installed no movement. I would say our only complaint is it scuffs easily. BUUUTTTTT before I go any farther about the molding let me tell you about preparing the window for the molding.

Step 1: Remove all the old caulk, flashing etc from the window — we so nicely called it de-yellowing

Step 2: Figure out how the heck to cut the lovely hard wood sill that the window was sitting on. The previous owners installed gorgeous wonderful new windows but the one they put in here is WAY TO SMALL so it is sitting on a 2 x 4 and 1 x 2 RIDICULOUS but I digress.

Step 3: Purchase a new tool.  We wanted to take this opportunity to purchase a new tool, we wanted to buy an oscillating tool and thought that would be the best option for this hard wood extraction. We purchased a Dremel brand, and I DO NOT RECOMMEND this brand. We had a HUGE problem with it. When we ran it in full speed it spun in a circle and the blade would fall off.  We returned immediately. We decided to purchase the Porter Cable brand instead, and where it still didn’t work for what we bought it for we really like the tool and have used it many times since.

Step 4: New action Dan with a Drill and Chisel to remove the sill.

Step 5: Install the PVC molding!

bathroom renovation
bathroom renovation

So yes I complained about the oscillating tool not working on the window sill super hard wood, but it worked wonders having to cut out the tile on the shower head wall.  You ask why do we have to do that. Without a lot of explanation things just didn’t fit, so our coverplate is inset and grouted with gray to match the tile, you will see the finished product in a later blog. For now let’s cut out this tile with our oscillating tool and water. Safety glasses and earplugs a must, and precision cutting.

bathroom renovation
bathroom renovation
bathroom renovation

While I was working on precisely cutting out the tile for the cover plate, Dan was behind me working on precisely cutting (with a saw zall fine blade) the window surround of PVC molding.

Bathroom Renovation
bathroom renovation
bathroom renovation
OK!  So what I said this blog was about was the floor tile, but when we signed up and got ready for floor tile we realized there were a lot of little projects on the wall that needed to be finished first. So now that I have caught up there, let us move on to floor tile.

Supplies purchased and needed for floor tile:

Floor Tile – We purchased 3 boxes of Montaga Gunstock

DITRA – 1 roll

Mortar (unmodified) – i think we purchased 4 bags for everything

Tile Spacers – 1 bag of 1000 1/8 inch spacers

Water – free out of our faucet

Paddle Mixer – already had from wall tile

Trowels – already had from wall tile

 TOTAL for Floor Tile: $214.51 plus some tax

Before we dove completely into the tile, we wanted to cut the Ditra and lay out the tile 12 different ways before we put mortar into the mix. The Ditra laid out in 2 whole pieces, and was super easy to cut with a utility knife.  Once we cut that and laid it out we thought we should play around with the tile patterns the box gave us 4 options. It was a big NO NO to lay in a typical brick pattern like the wall, so we toyed with herringbone (to much waste), diagonal (again a lot of waste but more worried about squeeking), so we went with a random pattern keeping the starting pieces at 6, 12, or full 24 inch pieces starting from the tub side and working toward the sink and toilet. we chose that direction because it was opposite the ditra. Also we didn’t want 6 pieces being stepped on upon entering through the door, instead we have one full piece at the door as the threshold. We used a ton of mortar because our tiles were 24 x 6 inches. The first and last batch of mortar were our best mixes, we scrambled in the middle with some too watery mess, but made it work in the end. Overall we are THRILLED about what the floors look like. Really excited for the dark look showing less dirt! Oh and bonus the dogs think it is a great place to nap!

bathroom renovation
bathroom renovation
bathroom renovation

We used 1/8 inch spacer between all the tiles, per the suggestion on the tile box.

bathroom renovation
bathroom renovation
bathroom renovation

You can see the metal threshold piece we decided to use on the bottom left. We know this is temporary and will allow the people we decide on to lay the carpet how to make it a nice finished look. We didn’t want to add a threshold piece as the tile fit perfectly without to much mess. So for now this is what we have, knowing it will change.

bathroom renovation

Alright so that is it! Tile is DONE!!!! Wall and ceilings have their first coat of real paint, I need to get a good photo so you can see the color. It is a soft grey blue. For now the below list is updated per the blog, but there is so much more done and soon to be crossed off the list. I just have to gather the photos for blogging. Enjoy for now. Off to paint beadboard.

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the BIG OLE to-do list!

You can see the longer list here I deleted a lot because it was just getting unruly:

buy/pick out shower base, shower doors, shower fixtures

Pick out and install new tile on the wall — we have purchased all of this!

Pick out and install new floor tile (purchasing from Habitat Restore) — we have picked it out, no purchases yet

install toilet

Install vanity and sink

pick out new light fixtures – this is all done blogging soon

install light fixtures

install mirror and towel racks (pick out towel racks)

Install final plumbing fixtures

Pick paint colors – this is done blogging soon

Final Painting

Trim work – baseboard, doors and window (this is all done blogging soon)

install beadboard – this is all done blogging soon

paint beadboard – this is all done blogging soon

Seal Grout – this is all done blogging soon


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