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The Bathroom Renovation has been done for 1 month in the house, delay on the blog apologies, life has been overwhelmingly busy.

So the Finishing Touches we will call them, or just the installation of the sink, shower, and toilet. Here is the run down.

The Sink!  We went back and forth for months on what to do, we started with a pedestal sink from Habitat, and when we got the floor installed we realized that the sink was WAY TO SHORT for the tall people in the family. So we started our search again, and let me tell you white on white is not something that is normally bought apparently. We wanted to have a large sink base to sit your toothbrush and soap on but we didn’t want to have it too large to take over the space. We also wanted the base to look like a piece of furniture not a stock base that goes in the newly built houses. I did a lot of searching and was flabbergasted by the prices so promptly gave up and let Dan do some searching.  He promptly went to Home Depot‘s site and found these two pieces of furniture: Sink and Base and just out of pure luck the base matched the already installed bead-board. They took a week to deliver to the store because UPS decided the base was too heavy for one person to deliver – I gave them a piece of my mind. I am such a visual person that I decided not to fall in love with it until we got it home and upstairs in the space. Oh and yes they came with directions, this was friday night late.

Bathroom Renovation

Promptly the next morning we headed upstairs to do the final painting of the bead-board and trim work (they are painted BRIGHT WHITE by Behr) so we could install the sink base and sink. The installation was pretty straight forward once we realized we had to remove the shelf and cut open the back of the base to fit the pipes from the old bathroom. We put one screw in the top trim of the base to secure it to the wall. No shims under the base only screw feet to level, made this the most easy installation of the project yet. Yes it was easier than the glass and the toilet.  You can see below the cutting process we used a Jigsaw with a fine tooth blade to cut the opening.

Final Breakdown of Sink and Base Cost:

Sink – $296

Base – $242

Bathroom Renovation
Bathroom Renovation
Bathroom Renovation
Bathroom Renovation

Ta-Da it fits and it is secured.  Now to install the sink basin. Again pretty easy installation but the leveling process was probably the most difficult.  We had the base level below the basin just didn’t sit flush on the base so we rigged up a little paper shim because that was the different and shoved it under the front right corner when we glued down the basin. We made sure the overhang on the front and sides were about even and the line on the back against the bead-board was straight to the naked eye (we were going to caulk the seam so it wasn’t a huge problem). Took a deep breath and secured the basin.

Bathroom Renovation
Bathroom Renovation
Bathroom Renovation

We sealed the back with the Clear silicone caulk – that dries dirty yellow :( so I will paint it white. Installed new knobs to match the fixtures and installed the faucet and knobs. I would say I pretty much LOVE it, and I think I am ready to move upstairs.

Clear Silicone Caulk – $4.00

Sink Faucet – $180

Base knobs – $3.00/each

Bathroom Renovation

Next on the list was to install the Shower Glass door, another not so easy purchase.  We purchased the door from Frameless Glass Shower Doors, we decided on them because they could give us a custom look and fit for our cape cod ceiling bathroom. We couldn’t use a complete enclosure because of the way the ceiling is. So we chose to go with a 7′ x 3′ piece of frameless glass with a rounded top leaving a 2.5′ opening to go in and out of the shower.  We are not worried about splash or water escaping because we went with a rain shower head. Below is the installation. We had step by step careful directions (the glass weighed at least 100 pounds). We had three pressure brackets to hold the glass in place one at the top of the tile one at the bottom and one on our fiberglass base. After starting the process I think we both relaxed a smidgen until we had to lift the glass and move it into place. Once we had it into place I think we took a deep breathe and knew we had made it.  Scariest but most awesome part. After this was done I will say it really felt like we were finished with the bathroom even though the toilet hadn’t been set yet.

custom Frameless Glass Door – $500

Bathroom Renovation
Bathroom Renovation

bathroom renovation

Bathroom Renovation

Last on the list was the toilet – we were busy this weekend after all it was labor day we had the long weekend to kill.

Setting this darn thing was much harder than we ever thought it would have been. Apparently a level floor and level tile really make a difference.  No we knew that and knew that this would be slightly difficult. Back to home depot we went on a search for Toilet Shims. Let me tell you right here that they sell them, don’t ask the store clerk because they won’t know what you are talking about these do exist and they are a HUGE help when you have a not so level house.  Armed with Toilet Shims we leveled the toilet side to side and front to back, marked our shims and readied ourselves for setting the wax ring and toilet, ACK. We rocked the toilet on it front, Dan slapped the nasty carmel looking ring on the toilet bottom and we rocked it back down on the shims checked level and sat down on it for a REAL GOOD SEAL. Next step was to tighten down the water hose and flush the toilet 5 million times to make sure we didn’t have a water leak, biggest fear ever.  We cut off the remaining shim with our Oscillating tool and let the toilet sit for a week flushing periodically to make real sure we didn’t have a leak before finally using clear silicone caulk to seal the bottom up nicely.

Toilet Shims – $3.00/each (comes in 4 pack)

Clear Silicone Caulk – we had some leftover

Toilet – we reused the energy efficient one from the old bathroom

Bathroom Renovation
Bathroom Renovation
Bathroom Renovation

One last little thing before turning the water on.  Tighten down the shower drain.

Bathroom Renovation

And now for the magic of water :)

Bath renovation shower running from rachel harrod on Vimeo.

GRAND TOTAL from the Finishing part of the Bathroom: 

Sink and Base – $725

Shower Glass – $500

Toilet – $6 (we bought 3 packs and returned 1)

TOTAL: $1228

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the BIG OLE to-do list!

You can see the longer list here I deleted a lot because it was just getting unruly:

buy/pick out shower base, shower door (has been installed), shower fixtures

Pick out and install new tile on the wall — we have purchased all of this!

Pick out and install new floor tile (purchasing from Habitat Restore) — we have picked it out, no purchases yet

install toilet – this is all done blogging soon

Install vanity and sink – coming to the blog soon

pick out new light fixtures – this is all done blogging soon

install light fixtures – this is all done blogging soon

install mirror and towel racks (pick out towel racks)

Install final plumbing fixtures – this is all done blogging soon

Pick paint colors – this is done blogging soon

Final Painting – this is all done blogging soon

Trim work

install beadboard 

paint beadboard 

Seal Grout

Bathroom Renovation

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