Bathroom Renovation Chapter 6

Bathroom Renovation you can see here, here, here, here, and here!  Today’s chapter will be about the electrical work and re-insulation we did to the new bathroom.  I think I talked about the horrible insulation we found was deteriorating as we took down the old drywall.  So with just bit the bullet and added that to our to-do list.

This post is going to be super long, in hopes to catch you up to where we are today.  It took us two full days to complete the electrical and re-insulation of the ceiling part of the bathroom.  We started a couple weeks ago, by pulling the new electrical from the junction box on the first floor to the upstairs.  This required head lamps, drilling holes into small spaces, and pulling the wire from the 2nd floor to the junction box through tiny holes.  We celebrated with a lot of high fives when that was done, and called it break time before we embarked on all the other electrical pieces in the bath.

bathroom renovation

Fast forward 2 weeks!  We ordered the new bath vent, and had all the appropriate wires pulled from floor 1 to floor 2.  Now time for me the student and Dan the teacher to do our most expertise electrical work EVER. We started with the vent fan/light/heater. This was the best place to start because a lot of other pieces were dependent upon its placement, and how it was wired.  So I left Dan to measuring while I did leaves in the backyard, and then assisted once he headed up to the roof.  Yes I said roof.  We had to DRILL A 5 INCH hole in our roof.  EEKS!!!!!

So here we go, we got Dan all saddled up with the tools he needed, set up the extension ladder safely against our house, and up to the roof he went.  Thankfully the part he had to be on most is a VERY little pitch, he just had to scamper up the steep part first.  He was armed with the skill saw, drill, 3 inch hole saw, roofing nails, vent, and roofing tar. After I got him up on the roof safely I put dexter inside in case of falling tools, and went up to the 2nd floor to assist from the inside by phone and yelling.

bathroom renovation
bathroom renovation

After we were positive everything was sealed properly we lowered all the tools down, Dan paused to fix the upper gutter (needs to be replaced and can’t be fixed :() He admired his glorious hole, and came back down to safe ground.

Next was to find a comfy spot in the bedroom to sit and open the real piece of hardware the new vent fan/light/heater.  We bought it off Amazon, it was the best price and best option for what we needed! We did not want too take up to much ceiling space for an actual air vent, so we bought one with the fan and heat combined. So far we love it! A lot to say for a still very empty unfinished bathroom!

bathroom renovation

Well onto the installation. It came with wonderful directions, drawings, roadmap, etc. but I still think we improvised.  Truly I was completely lost, and left the room at one point because I was of no help what so ever.  Back to the start though, unpacking, looking it it, and figuring out exactly how to piece it together to hang it in the proper place we had picked out.  We wanted to center it in the whole bathroom so the heat would hopefully fill the space, and the ventilation would not be over the shower, which meant the center of the entire room worked perfectly.

bathroom renovation
bathroom renovation

You can see in the above photos that we had a good number of parts to figure out and twist to the right orientation before we did anymore work. The jist of what happened in Day 1:  We put a hole in the roof, hung the vent in the ceiling, and took out the electrical parts before our brain exploded!

On to Day 2: All the electrical wires ever, and my mind twisting in circles while watching Dan figure it all out in his head.  There were moments when I just wanted to ask a million questions, those moments were when I just should of walked out of the room instead of attempting to help.  We finally got a rhythm down, and got it all done.

With the magic of the internet we are fast forwarding to the step before finalizing the vent.

bathroom renovation

Above is what it looked like before I took the final steps to put the vent in and seal up the electrical box within the vent.  You will see what I mean in the next photo, the wires have been finagled back into the little triangle hole they will live in.  A lot of team work got them where they belong and plugged back in. I then stepped back and let Dan turn on the switch, to make sure everything stayed in tack and is working properly! SUCCESS #1.

bathroom renovation

This felt like a HUGE success.  Now what I thought was the easy part.  Installing the vent hose.  The hose had to be connected from the vent to the original hole Dan drilled through the roof!  We had to give the hose enough fall to vent, with the ability to tie into both places with plastic ties and duct tape to secure for weather and venting purposes. I used my super skinny finger skills but it still became the longest/not so hard project of the installation.

bathroom renovation
bathroom renovation
bathroom renovation

Finally turning on the electrical to make sure it all works and wiring in the vanity light (well that won’t be the one that stays, but the tester).  I am proud to say with Dan holding the vanity light I wired it all myself.  So maybe all the sitting back and watching him work on the electrical, I might of just learned a little something. SHHH don’t tell him!

bathroom renovation
bathroom renovation

So if you have made it this far, we have now worked a full Saturday on the hole in the roof, the start of electrical, me walking away and let Dan process.  Then a Sunday morning on the vent installation and final electrical.  Now on to the last of the to-do’s that weekend the Insulation, MY LEAST FAVORITE THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!  Did you hear me, it is my least favorite thing EVER!!!!  So in preparation, we put on clothes head to toe (long sleeves, long pants, tall socks, and boots), armed ourselves with ball caps, and amazingly attractive face masks.  With much whining I sucked it up and helped out, I would never have just sat back and watched this part, well maybe I would have.   So yes there was a lot of kicking and screaming but I think that made it go by that much quicker!  We were only doing the ceiling, we will do the walls later (have to get plumbing in first), so really we were getting rid of the worst of it first.

We chose to use R-38 for Cathedral attics because in a sense that is what we have, there really was no good decision for our ceiling.  It is a cape cod style roof, but is not the direct roof.  So we went with what we thought was best for our ceiling.  They came in 4′ pieces so that meant 2 pieces per run, and about 6 4′ pieces later we had an insulated ceiling.  We have a ton left over (we needed one piece out of the second bag.  So we will improvise and the walls will be extra insulated!

bathroom renovation
bathroom renovation

So that is where we stand today, next on the list is plumbing.  We have purchased all the items for it but, we needed a break last weekend to spend together, take naps and get some yard work done.

Here is the breakdown of cost:

Countless junction boxes (I have lost count): 4 at $.50 each

50 feet of 2 gang wire: $40

25 feet of 3 gang wire: $30

Switch for vent: $1.50

Switch plates: they run about $1 a piece I think we have purchase 5

Vent (fan, light, nightlight, and heater): $250

Roof vent and hose: $25

Insulation: $60 for 1 pack (we bought two)

TOTAL electrical vent and insulation: $473.50

The big To-do List:

Check for room in the ceiling for Air Duct

Move/pickup all things upstairs and prep for demo

Take out all things that are donate-able (i.e towel racks, toilet paper holder, etc)

Take all donate-ables to Habitat Restore

Turn off water to sink and toilet let drain for a couple days

Remove Sink and Toilet for safe keeping (keeping toilet, getting new sink)

Demolition — take down drywall, take up vinyl tile, cut carpet in bedroom at spot for new walls

Remove studs in the between wall properly to save for new wall

Buy new Sink (pedestal we are thinking) Habitat Restore steal!

buy/pick out shower base, shower doors, shower fixtures

Build New wall

Rough in New Plumbing for toilet and Shower

Move electric box from shower wall to bedroom wall

Rough in electric (I promise mom you will get to dry your hair in the bathroom)

Build/Install Pocket Door

Install Exhaust fan

Lay sub floor

Lay Backer board

Install new duct work in ceiling

Install Backboard on the wall where we will put tile

Hang new drywall — we will be taking all the drywall down and starting over!

Pick out and install new tile on the wall (purchasing from Habitat Restore)

Pick out and install new floor tile (purchasing from Habitat Restore)

Install Shower Base, toilet and new pedestal sink

pick out new light fixtures

Install final plumbing fixtures

Pick paint colors

Final Painting

Seal Grout

bathroom renovation

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