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Bathroom Remodel (those are big words), but for me this is a slight remodel and a direction I have wanted to head since we moved in the house almost 2 years ago.  Our bathroom has been the color of poop since we moved in, you can revisit that here. Well the whole house was and we painted everything before we moved in except the kitchen and bath. Since I have been off work we created a long to-do list of things we would love to get done and I added some like paint the bathroom! This made more sense to me as I patched the hole in the bathroom because I was going to have to paint anyway! So I set forth in my idea and started with paint!  I knew I had to paint the wall with KILZ first to get rid of the nastiness that was there! We have a 5 gallon bucket of it from when we moved in because the whole house needed to be Kilz’d (they had a cat)! Then during my paint search in the closet upstairs I noticed we had a light blue (same color of the bedroom) whole gallon left (WOOT FREE PAINT). The color was decided anything could be better than poop!

I started by taping off the majority of the bathroom! I did not worry about the tile as much because I knew I could get that clean with a utility knife if i had to! Then I took the Kilz and cut in the entirety of the bathroom.

bathroom remodel
bathroom remodel

after cutting in the white I had to wait for Dan to take me to home depot to get some supplies for rolling the walls the rest of the way! So you will notice I cut in the Blue before I rolled the white to get a head start for myself!

bathroom remodel

Dan using his best photography skills grab this photo of me while I was rolling!

bathroom remodel

Once I had the rollers, pans, and paint I finished out the bath, used a utility knife to scrape off the tile, cleaned up the tape, and put the bath back together for now!

bathroom remodel
bathroom remodel

So that is the bath remodel for now!

List of Supplies:

Kilz — already had (FREE)

Behr Premium paint and primer *color Serene Sky* — already had (FREE)

1 brush — already had (FREE)

Blue painters tape — already had (FREE)

Rollers — ($8.98)

Roller pan — ($4.58)

Roller handle — ($3.98)

Total of project — $17.54 (and we had a gift card so no money spent from our wallet)

Next on the Bathroom To-do list:

New Vanity

Paint Medicine cabinet or replace

New Light Fixture

New Toilet (ours is cracked from previous owner)

big wish list item — new bathtub

Will keep you updated on the on-goings of the bathroom remodel! For now Happy Friday!

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