Bathroom Remodel Chapter 2

Bathroom Remodel started almost 2 weeks ago and it is still going! Well I guess it has to now that we have a HUGE hole in the upstairs  :)  It really has been a lot of fun so far, making decisions, moving the design around, watching videos, picking out the coolest stuff (kinda like building our own house), and talking with others who have done this stuff before! Some people have the best advice like: “remember it is not your main bath don’t go all out”, or ” remember you aren’t living here forever its just for upgrades and resale value” :) we thank these people very much to bring us back down to earth! Now on to some updates, with photos, and the to-do list!

Bathroom  Remodel

It all started by taking the carpet up! Dan was eager to get started, I was cooking dinner, and dexter was going back and forth between the two! Dan wanted to start while dinner was cooking then after eating we could put the big hole in the wall! I am the cut once measure twice kind of girl, and Dan was so excited that he pulled the carpet back a little too far! That day, we were kinda disappointed we did it, today we are very happy and will probably re-carpet the upstairs! So yay for Dan for starting the process!

Bathroom Remodel

So with carpet out, and triple gut check of do we really want to do this, BOOM wall taken down!  I wouldn’t say it was hard to make a huge hole, but we did it with care, as we wanted to keep up as much reusable wall and drywall as possible (saving money where money can be saved)!  So we scored the corners, poked holes, turned off the power, and started with a simple drywall saw to make sure there wasn’t anything odd behind there before taking a mallet to the wall!

Bathroom Remodel

Just as we suspected there was nothing behind the center wall! It was super easy to get down, and we did it all by camping lantern!  This was all done on a Thursday night!

Friday when I got home from work, I took to the Sawzall and began cutting out the studs between the walls! Doing this would ensure that we would save the studs for use in the new wall, and give us more room to take  down the ceiling, and other walls! It would also allow us ample room for sink and toilet removal! We didn’t do much else friday night because we wanted to save up every bit of energy for complete demo on Saturday and Sunday! and Dexter is unamused by the tape measure but has successfully destroyed some already terrible golf balls!

Bathroom Remodel

Saturday morning up early for work, there was an important game on TV! Kentucky vs. Louisville ( I was super stoked that they were on tv, but can we not talk about the loss today) Thanks!  So we worked for 2 hours got the rest of the Drywall down, loaded up the explorer we were borrowing from my In Laws took a load to the dump, stopped at habitat for donations, and hit home depot for electrical supplies!

Saturday’s purchases:

Habitat Restore haul:

Pedestal Sink $55

Tile samples $.50/each (we got 4 pieces)

Electrical boxes $.25

Home Depot haul:

6 2 x 4 studs @ $2.59/each

Electrical wire 50ft 12-2 $34

1 GFI outlet $13

Bathroom Remodel

After getting home from the dump run and shopping, the game was no bueno! I decided I would help Dan continue the demo while listening to the game super loud on the TV!  So with more space we took the rest of the wall out, the floors up and the toilet! We are so thankful for good friends who just did a renovation and have a lot of the bathroom supplies for the plumbing! We had a good visit with them (they are getting ready to have their baby), and collected the necessary plumbing supplies! Toilet removed, and plugged, Thanks Cheeze! These were the last couple things we did before heading out to see friends and celebrate Dan’s grandfathers 86th birthday!

Bathroom Remodel
Bathroom Remodel
Bathroom Remodel

Sunday morning! We woke up and because we had my In Laws explorer wanted to do a large run with the IVY in the backyard! Yes we are doing two projects at once, the Ivy takes less attention and with the waste removal we just do a little bit at a time! After that was taken care of it was back upstairs to deal with the last of the flooring and ceiling drywall to take it all to the dump before we had to return the explorer Monday morning! We had a deadline football again! The Raven’s were on at 1pm and the dump closed at 5pm! Eeks we had to work fast! Side note *as you keep seeing Football come up* its fall and in my world there are 3 seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer and Football)! So we will continuously be doing work around FOOTBALL!!!!

With a smashed thumb three very full tarps and a swept up space, we were successful and the Bathroom is already a new space! With the last dump run for now on the Bath we stopped by home depot once more for the Air duct supplies, that we left off our list on Saturday!!

Air Duct Purchase list:

25 ft 6 in Insulated flex Air Duct  $40

Right angle Master Flow register $7

1 speedi boot Master Flow Register Vent $15

Tape rating at U181b $10

Pack of 3 ft zip ties $6

and a Flex Duct Support to help keep the air flow in the duct proper for UL standards!

Bathroom Remodel
Bathroom Remodel

TO DO LIST! *I love crossing things off it makes me feel so accomplished!*

Check for room in the ceiling for Air Duct

Move/pickup all things upstairs and prep for demo

Take out all things that are donate-able (i.e towel racks, toilet paper holder, etc)

Take all donate-ables to Habitat Restore

Turn off water to sink and toilet let drain for a couple days

Remove Sink and Toilet for safe keeping (keeping toilet, getting new sink)

Demolition — take down drywall, take up vinyl tile, cut carpet in bedroom at spot for new walls

Remove studs in the between wall properly to save for new wall

Buy new Sink (pedestal we are thinking) Habitat Restore steal!

buy/pick out shower base, shower doors, shower fixtures

Build New wall

Rough in New Plumbing for toilet and Shower

Move electric box from shower wall to bedroom wall

Rough in electric (I promise mom you will get to dry your hair in the bathroom)

Lay sub floor

Lay Backer board

Install new duct work in ceiling

Install Backboard on the wall where we will put tile

Hang new drywall — we will be taking all the drywall down and starting over!

Pick out and install new tile on the wall (purchasing from Habitat Restore)

Pick out and install new floor tile (purchasing from Habitat Restore)

Install Shower Base, toilet and new pedestal sink

pick out new light fixtures

Install final plumbing fixtures

Pick paint colors

Final Painting

Seal Grout

Install Exhaust fan

here is our updated schedule! As of right now we are on schedule!  With some weddings coming up, fall kicking in, and keeping up with Yard work here’s to staying on schedule!

Bathroom Remodel

What kind of renovations are you getting into!  As we move in to Fall and winter everyone starts looking for indoor projects!

On top of the renovations I am looking forward to photographing Ashley and Brad’s wedding this weekend!

[…] Make strides on the Renovation […]

[…] Make strides on the Renovation […]

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